In this course:

    1. Audio Exercises - Welcome

    2. Exercise 01 - Sensation

    3. Exercise 02 - Curved / Straight

    4. Exercise 03 - Characterization

    5. Exercise 04 - Expanding / Contracting

    6. Exercise 05 - Imagination

    7. Exercise 06 - Qualities Atmosphere

    8. Exercise 07 - Four Brothers

    9. Exercise 08 - Imagination | Space

    10. Exercise 09 - Imagination | Sustaining

    11. Exercise 10 - Imagination | Centers

    12. Exercise 11 - Imaginary Body

    13. Exercise 12 - Atmosphere | Sound

    14. Exercise 13 - Psychological Gesture

About this course

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  • 14 sessions
  • 3 hours of audio
  • 6 months unlimited access


Ragnar Freidank

Ragnar Freidank trained as an actor in his native Germany and since 2004 has been teaching acting in New York. He has been on the faculty of Columbia University, Sarah Lawrence College, Brooklyn College, Marymount Manhattan, Michael Howard Studios, The New School and teaches his own Scene-Class. In 2015 he co-founded the Michael Chekhov School in Hudson (NY) together with Fern Sloan & Ted Pugh. He works as a freelance director of theater, filmmaker, location sound-recordist, camera operator and editor. He directed the award-winning narrative film "Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn", starring Joanna Merlin, executive producer Bob Balaban and co-directed the acclaimed DVD series "Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique", produced by the Michael Chekhov Association (MICHA). He made the "D&D Roadshow Movie" for Improbable Theatre (UK) and most recently collaborated on Improbable's Show "Tao of Glass", with Phelim McDermott and composer Philip Glass.


“For a solo performer struggling in the studio, Ragnar’s audio exercises help push me across the threshold into a creative and productive working session. His insightful instructions are clear while allowing for freedom of interpretation within a playful structure. Recommend highly!”


“Thank you for this unusual and highly inspiring teaching material – a wonderful resource for me and way beyond my expectations.”