"It is like radio..."

Michael Chekhov, 1939

"Streams are coming and going around the whole earth. [What] you are doing here... will influence the whole earth... it is like radio... So it is worthwhile to work along one aim and make it stronger and stronger so that it will benefit the whole of humanity."

Your Creative Imagination

Your Imagination Radio takes as a starting point your daily experience in life. Following troubling, awesome or dull events, every session invites you to unfold a real-life event in your own imagination. Each of the 30 journeys you embark on in this course, leads you back into your life, with the information & insights you have gleaned from the world of your images.

Imagination Radio Episodes

    1. WELCOME

    2. INNER OCEAN - Exercise 01

    3. IMAGINARY SPACE - Exercise 02

    4. DOING NOTHING - Exercise 03

    5. BODY AS LANDSCAPE - Exercise 04

    6. FOUND CHARACTERS - Exercise 05

    7. WORLD OF THINGS - Exercise 06

    8. MOVING SPACE - Exercise 07

    9. HIDDEN PURPOSE - Exercise 08

    10. LANGUAGE OF COLOR - Exercise 09

    11. DANCE OF SILENCE - Exercise 10

    12. FEELING THE SOUND - Exercise 11

    13. INNER TIME - Exercise 12

    14. INNER PRESSURE SYSTEM - Exercise 13

    15. IMAGINATION HOUSE - Exercise 14

    16. FOLLOWING CONFLICT - Exercise 15

    17. IMAGINARY EVENT - Exercise 16

    18. CULTURAL IMAGINATION - Exercise 17

    19. TWO WORLDS - Exercise 18

    20. UNKNOWN LAND - Exercise 19

    21. BODY AS FIST - Exercise 20

    22. SOUND WORLDS - Exercise 21

    23. THE WILL OF OBJECTS - Exercise 22

    24. ACTIVE NON-DOING - Exercise 23

    25. VISITING - Exercise 24

    26. OPPOSING POWERS - Exercise 25

    27. BOUNDARIES - Exercise 26

    28. NATURAL POWERS - Exercise 27

    29. PRESENCE - Exercise 28

    30. THE UNKNOWN - Exercise 29

    31. SPACE OF TIME - Exercise 30

About this course

  • $80.00
  • 7.5 hours of audio
  • 6 months access
  • 30 sessions


Ragnar Freidank

Ragnar Freidank trained as an actor in his native Germany and since 2004 has been teaching acting in New York. He has been on the faculty of Columbia University, Sarah Lawrence College, Brooklyn College, Marymount Manhattan, Michael Howard Studios, The New School and teaches his own Scene-Class. In 2015 he co-founded the Michael Chekhov School in Hudson (NY) together with Fern Sloan & Ted Pugh. He works as a freelance director of theater, filmmaker, location sound-recordist, camera operator and editor. He directed the award-winning narrative film "Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn", starring Joanna Merlin, executive producer Bob Balaban and co-directed the acclaimed DVD series "Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique", produced by the Michael Chekhov Association (MICHA). He made the "D&D Roadshow Movie" for Improbable Theatre (UK) and most recently collaborated on Improbable's Show "Tao of Glass", with Phelim McDermott and composer Philip Glass.


“Ragnar’s work, based on the brilliant explorations of Michael Chekhov, is very much his own. He is an excellent listener and willing collaborator and I cannot speak too highly of the man and the teacher.”

MICHAEL HOWARD, actor, director, acting teacher, founder of ‘Michael Howard Studios’, New York City

“Being in a rehearsal hall or studio with Ragnar is a constant source of clarity and inspiration; it is a keenly observed exploration into the heart of the matter, or certainly somewhere in that vicinity.”

BRENT CARVER, actor, Tony Award for ‘Kiss of the Spiderwoman’

“Ragnar is an artist, both as a teacher and as a director. He is on an impassioned and relentless search to discover ways of connecting the actor with his own resources.”

JOANNA MERLIN, Broadway, film, TV actress; author of ‘Auditioning, An Actor Friendly Guide’